Kaylee Frye (enginegirl) wrote,
Kaylee Frye

Room 308, Wednesday Morning

Kaylee had a good time yesterday at the welcome party. She found the whole experience to be exciting. She met so many shiny people, including another girl who enjoys fixing engines and doesn't mind getting greasy in the process.

She also ran into River and Zoe. Although she wasn't her Zoe. Kaylee still couldn't wrap her mind around some of this stuff. Still, it was a comfort to know she is the principal of this school. Made it feel a little like home. Serenity. She sure missed that boat and the people on board she left behind. But she was determined to make the best of everything. There were so many new and exciting things to learn about. She was ready for the challenge.

[ooc: Open for interaction if anyone feels like visiting.]
Tags: hermione, link drop, room 308
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